Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A new camera and a two handed baby

I bough the Nikon D50 with its kit lens today, which is a wee 18-55mm zoom. Already sensing that the non-photographers' eyes are glazing over, I should explain that this is bottom of the range so far as dSLRs go, but it IS a Nikon, and when finances permit I can get more and better lenses, and maybe one day a really posh Nikon camera body to go with the lens collection...

There's been a fair amount of dialogue in recent weeks, especially with Brendadada, about the best sort of Nikon to get, the D50 or D70, and what lenses to get. The fact is, though, I couldn't really afford the D70 and the better lens. And I'm still really a n00b at photography, and I'm moving up from a compact digital: walk before you can run.

The thing with the Olympus compact was that it was great for ages, and then I got to a stage where it simply wasn't sophisticated enough to do what I wanted it to do, for that I needed a better lens and control over DoF and shutter speed. It's like when you're a little kid running around on your wee tricycle and having a great time; then comes a day when you want a proper bike - but you don't jump straight from a tricycle to an all singing and dancing mountain bike, do you? No, you get a little two wheeler, (with stabilisers for while).


Molly's had a few gripes, but Nurse Harvey's Gripe water is great stuff. Her hands have discovered one another, we've noticed: that is, they're not working independently any more. She had more jabs last week, which upset her for a short while.


I've still got quite a bit of work to do on TESOL Methodology before the end of this month, but the back of it is broken.


The new camera's batteries are charging now - pics tomorrow, God willing.