Saturday, January 21, 2006

Of course, it wasn't bird flu!

And you know you're on the mend when you suddenly feel the need to get out of bed at 1.00am, make a gorgonzola and onion sandwich, wash it down with red wine, and catch up on your blogging. Ha ha! That strange vitality - or possibly hysteria - that comes when you've recovered from three days of lying in bed, feeling like shite.

The Old Man tells me that the hens are healthy, so I've just had a wee bout of ordinary 'flu. Nothing's mutated round our way. Yet.

Blogging's a funny thing though. I wrote (what I'd considered to be) a rather thoughtful post on my last full day in Libya, seven months ago. And in the last few days, some genius has commented "I don know who are you, and I really don't care. I guess, you are a white blond female from Blighty, UK. However..." And so it goes on, a wee window facing onto a whole vista of ignorance, bigotry and xenophobia. Not to mention a somewhat misplaced misogyny - "blond female", forsooth!

Mind you, it's not all bad news from Africa. I got an email from Pig Sty Avenue's Nigerian correspondent, TRAE. So did the rest of his address book, but nontheless it's cool to be remembered from a continent where bloggers are few and far between.

TRAE once memorably posted that he "should be flogged" for not replying to emails and what have you. Assuming we're all thinking metaphorically, I feel the same about my own infrequency in calling by my blogging pals' blogs lately. You all call by here often enough, I know. The thing is, everyone on the blogroll's a friend, and I call by less than I should.