Sunday, January 29, 2006

After Her First Porridge

This has been a big day for us: Molly took her first solid food - porridge. She loved it. After the first spoonful, I was amazed to hear her wee stomach rumbling, as if to say, "at last! I'm sick of milk." Her mouth worked every spoonful. And in between each one she gave me a big grin: "this is more like it!"

She enjoyed it so much, she wanted to eat her bib, too, look. Or maybe she's just for wiping her own wee chops?

It's important for lots of reasons but, because she still refuses to take a bottle, geting her onto solids menas that we can begin to think about all going out together. The next part of the conundrum is to work out how she can get a drink.

Oh yes, and now I've to get to grips with the food processor, so that she can have some of our meals, pureed. It was bought months ago for this very purpose, and has sat neglected on top of the fridge ever since.