Monday, June 27, 2005

I'm typing this and then saving it to floppy in our snazzy staff room – I'll probably post it later from the local internet café. I've got a bit of spare time the noo because the students have left a bit early for prayers. Always a bit of a touchy subject here, 'prayer breaks'. There's a set prayer at around 1.20. You can hear the muezzin calling about ten minutes before that. Washing is an intrinsic part of the process. Today, there's no water available in this building, that's why I've let the studennts go a bit early. Clearly, from the evidence of my nose there's been no water to flush the lavatory either.

Twenty six days to go!

Is this picture thingy working yet? Been trying it for the last few days, without success. IF it works, these are two of my housemates. I got them from cornflakes' packets.