Saturday, June 04, 2005

Come on. July!

Strange weather: sometimes it’s very hot and still; and sometimes there’s a hot wind; other times the wind is cool. And refreshing. The sky is pearl grey now; yesterday it was orange with dust. It’s generally very humid.

We’ve a long weekend coming up, with Saturday 11th june being American Evacuation Day. I’ve considered going away – to Malta, perhaps, for a beer and bacon binge, but I’ll save the money and stay here. Just getting into and out of Libya’s a load of hassle; and the Maltese aren't a welcoming people, so on the whole I’d not relax. The bottom line would be, I’d be paying a few hundred quid for bacon sandwiches and booze.

SO the long weekend will simply mark the end of the fourth week, which comes before the 5th one, which is the half way point. And then June’s done and we’re into the home stretch.

I wish I could post more positively, but I'm worn down by the ugliness of this place, and the dirty looks I get everywhere.