Saturday, June 25, 2005

demolishing new buildings

Here's a letter I've just written to our project manager.

We were collected by the driver this morning and taken to the 'new' premises. There was no one to greet us there but we eventually found our way to the appropriate floor, and to a room which contained three chairs, some shelves and our books in boxes. We unpacked these.

At about 8.50am Mahmoud was briefly sighted but he did not come and say hello. We presume he left immediately. So far as we could tell, there were no bathroom or refreshment facilities.

There are ACUs in the classrooms, but no remote control with which to operate them so they are useless. It's not really possible to teach in this heat.

To summarise the situation:

• No ACUs
• No LOCKABLE staffroom
• No staffroom desk or table
• No PC
• No photocopier
• No refreshments, including water
• No lavatory
• No local administration

The last point is the most significant. To put it euphemistically, we were disappointed that GECOL were unable to make someone available to meet us and show us around. In the absence of an explanation, I consider that we were treated with great discourtesy, not to say contempt.

In the circumstances, and in particular with no ability to photocopy, we explained to our students that we did not consider the facilities good enough, and that we would not teach until they were improved. We then walked back to the house, to await explanations.

That remains the situation.

And that's how things stand this morning.