Monday, June 06, 2005

Books and Vertigo

Here’s the Jarrow Review of Books, a guide to what Jarrafellas are reading and discussing in the Buffs Club, the Long Bar and in their lonely outposts around the world. (Yes, I know it's a trifle basic, with a template taken off the blogspot shelf and not edited, but give uz a break, I'm working out of a scabby internet cafe in a town no-one's heard of, in a country...well, 'nuff said. It will be improved.)

Speaking of lonely outposts, here’s a picture of the balcony at the training centre where the students take tea. Now, I know we’ve become more than somewhat fanatical about Health and Safety in the UK (what my mate Christopher calls The World of Numpty), but that ledge is a foot high, and the drop on t’other side a hundred feet. And it gets really crowded at tea breaks. AND as you can see, they don’t give a bugger; fuck’s sake.