Monday, March 27, 2017

Temporary Shed-Like Structure

Where the pile of sticks used to be, there's now a structure to keep the tools and me out of the rain. I used bits and pieces I'd salvaged from the old shed, (2 doors for the back, corrugated tin for one side, and a sheet of soft, malleable tin for the roof), together with the two pallets I'd got from the disused railway's embankment. The rain should run off into the grey plastic barrel there. The 50 gallon oil drum is performing the office of an occasional table.

Managed to put it together in 2-3 hours, and I'm extremely proud of it. Mind you, it won't do too well in a storm, but let's hope we don't get one before the shed-proper is built. I remember summer 2015, hacking my way through the 6ft tall nettles and thistles which made a jungle of this SW corner, finding one of the wheelbarrows quite hidden here, and it felt as if I'd reached the source of the Nile. And now it's the home of a wee kind of settlement.