Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Allotment Arbor & Maybe a Cold Shed

The arrival of the Hut tomorrow means the construction of the temporary tool store could be seen as a waste of time and effort, but I'd disagree. I managed to build it in 2 or 3 hours, so no great loss of time. And I'm regarding it as a rehearsal for the construction of the Hut and eventually the Shed.

I won't demolish it either. I'm thinking it might work as an arbor-with-allotment-chic. I can train ivy and brambles around the outside and over the top, maybe other plants too. Inside and to the front, which don't get a lot of light, I could grown ferns. Apart from the fact that they are usually grown in shade, I know almost nothing about them, so there's a whole new thing.

Couple of plastic chairs in there, it'll be a nice spot to sit and watch whatever's going on in No.1 bed, surrounded by ferns, enclosed by brambles and ivy, at peace with nature. Cool. I can put bird attractors in No.1 bed, maybe angelica or teasel.

NB [10th May 2017] It occurs that, with a bit of work, (waterproofing and insulation, putting some kind of front on it) I could use this as a cold store in the winter, for sacks of tatties and turnips, whatever.