Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Hut! [Title Lengthened to Deter the Hit Bot]

It's a law of nature: if you work on an allotment without any kind of hut or shed for long enough, someone will eventually say, "Do you want a shed?" I got an email from The Secretary last night, got put in touch with the man whose hut it is, and we've arranged transfer of the hut for Wednesday morning. He's even sorting out the van hire, and going halfs with the cost thereof because he has other stuff he wants moving.

The bottom line of all of this is, I get a hut with one careful owner for £25, tomorrow. I'll have to reassemble it myself, but I'll want to give it a bloody good going over with wood preserver before that - I've actually got a tin of it at the plot, it was going cheap in Tesco, ages ago.

I'm planning to locate it in the SE corner, near the gate, near where the old shed was. Doesn't get much sun there, especially in winter, so it will stay cool enough to store spuds and neeps there. I might line the inside with bubble wrap so that it doesn't get too cold in winter, nor too warm in summer. I'll keep the tools there too.

Which means the potting shed, when it gets built will be much less crowded, plenty of room for bringing seedlings away. And a stove, to keep the frost out.