Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I'm pretty sure that's a bean germinated. There are more of them, and they seem to be in rows, so probably not weeds; (though I can't be sure, bound to be all kinds of seeds in this soil, not to mention it's the time of year for numerous blow-ins). Last night I got the NW bed finally dug over and sown with the beans right up to the Frog's Winter Palace.

South of the Winter Palace is the old greenhouse, and I've had a bit of a poke around with the fork. It's going to be quite a chore. There seems to be a buried path running E-W. Hmm. Considered keeping it, but then thought, no, the only thing I'm keeping from the previous regime is the central path, (which anyway stops at the greenhouse).

So buried paths and visible walls, (some of which are - bugger 'em - mortared) will all go, the bricks and rubble piled onto the Winter Palace.  I'll use the bricks for temporary paths running E-W, say to mark-off areas for rotation, next year.

But the nights are drawing in, dark by 6pm, so not much time to get anything done in the week. We're getting to the take-a-pork-pie-&-can-of-Guinness-and-spend-all-day-Saturday stage in the proceedings.  Maybe this Saturday I could clear the whole Western side of the old greenhouse.

Tell you what else I need before I start planting out next spring: a 12ft scaffold board, to stand on when planting. There was a time back home when you could always get a scaffold board expropriated from a shipyard. Those days are gone.