Friday, October 02, 2015

1st Formative Submission: Critical Reviewing of Two Texts


Ajayi, L. (2015). High school teachers’ perspectives on the English language arts Common Core State Standards: an exploratory study. Educ Res Policy Prac.

Scottish Executive Education Department (SEED). 2011. Teaching Scotland’s future: Report of a review of teacher education in Scotland (The Donaldson Report). Edinburgh: Scottish Government.(2015). 


  • "ESOL practitioners, in general, need to be better acquainted with the Scottish qualifications landscape and with wider educational priorities." (p12) 
  • "The SQA is exploring strategies for measuring, accrediting and recording learner achievement through learning plans." (p13)

Fillmore, L. (2014). English Language Learners at the Crossroads of Educational Reform. TESOL Q, 48(3), pp.624-632.

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