Friday, October 23, 2015

Great Crested Newts?

I've seen plenty of frogs as I've been weeding and digging, and hopefully the Frogs' Winter Palace will give some of them a refuge until Spring. By when the pond should be dug. Or ponds. The Old Greenhouse Foundations go right across the plot, so I could dig two ponds - or even have one big one and a bridge, which is an attractive idea aesthetically. 

I haven't seen any newts, but you never know. Whilst googling around these ideas I found McNeill (2010) who tells us of a great crested newt translocation project at Gartcosh, which isn't all that very far away from Riddrie at all... So it's a case of dig a pond and see what happens. 

McNeill, D. C. (2010). Translocation of a population of great crested newts (Triturus cristatus): a Scottish case study (Doctoral dissertation, University of Glasgow).