Sunday, January 22, 2012

Photography: Next

school uniform june 2011

I'm going to Russia next month for a few days, so I got the FED2 out and remembered having a downer on it, or its Industar61 lens when I used it last summer - but I looked at the photos, like the one above, and they're ok, for Fuji Superia and Dock Head St shop processing. And then one thing led to another and I got to thinking about the cameras I have and want to keep and wtf I'm going with photography.

Anyways, the Nikon F will be the main camera for now, though I might get an F5 later in the year. All manner of lenses and filters, too, of course. I'll keep the FED2, also, having mended its light leak and bonded with it somewhat in the process. I'll maybe get some better LTM lenses for it. For MF I'll manage with the Agfa Isolette folder until I can afford a Hasselblad 500. And of course the Holga, the one I paid over the odds for in China, I love it - strong vignetting yet very sharp in the middle of the image. The Ilford Sportis were a wee college course in themselves, I'll keep them.

I've bought a rucksack camera bag (it also carries a laptop) this morning, and I'm looking at a slightly ropey Manfrotto tripod on eBay. So the equipment situation is sorting itself out.

I need to learn lots more, and get some new ideas. My mate Cliff put me on to this Vimeo site, Develop Photo. The Bicycle Cart People will probably be the first project with the F, when I'm back in Shanghai.