Monday, January 23, 2012

A Flickr Epiphany

I've never blogged about it much, but a fair chunk of my internet time the last seven years or so has been spent on Flickr, and especially the DMU groups and their various offshoots. Enough. I won't go in to the details, but having this post from Jeremy Nichols' blog, (now on the blogroll) drawn to my attention this morning was definitely the last straw.

I would need to deconstruct the twists and turns of internet discourse, the dealings one has had with the painfully inadequate sociopaths who people or have peopled the DMUs, over the course of these seven years to explain it all, but that blog post crystallized it: there's photography on planet Earth, and there's photography in cyberspace. And frankly, most of the latter is gash, and to be avoided in future.

Flickr's ok for checking on details, chatting with and staying in touch with the handful of genuine pals I've made there, but that's it. You judge a man by the company he keeps.