Sunday, December 12, 2010

Newcastle 3 - 1 Liverpool

Ah well.  Hughton and the players deserve the credit, no doubt, but it offers some hope for the future.  And of course, Ashley remains a twat and a shite, but, wtf.  I mean, just think about the kind of people who own English Premier League clubs.  Would you want to meet any of the bastards socially?  Sheik Mansour spends all that money, and doesn't even go to the games, (they'd let him in for nowt, and he'd get a good seat - does he watch it on telly, one wonders?); the Glazers, ffs, like that family out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre; and don't even get me started on Abramovich.  So our own fat guy's in good company.  Put it another way, big capitalists have ugly souls.  For now, we're stuck with them, though.  For now.