Saturday, December 18, 2010

Last Days in Visa Limbo: Farewell To A Sordid Race

"...I doubt not but in time Ardrossan will become a grand emporium; but the people of Saltcoats, a sordid race, complain that it will be their ruin". (Galt, p3). I know where you're coming from, Miss Pringle.  

Mind you, it seems that everyone in the UK complains incessantly, although maybe that's just the impression you get if you watch too much rolling news from the BBC: mostly whinging about the weather, the resultant "travel misery", (where "misery" really means "inconvenience"), and, horror of horrors, Christmas presents bought online which might not be delivered on time.  Ffs.  But there I go, complaining about the complainers.  

And it's cheap to be smug when you're in that serene state that travellers know, when the visa's in your passport and the flight's booked and you're wondering what books you'll buy at WH Smiths in Departures.  Wolf Hall's in the frame, and so is Empire of the Sun, which I read years ago but would re-read with an eye on the topography so that I can entertain visiting friends and relatives with tours of Ballard's Shanghai.  

Galt, J. (1895) The Ayrshire Legatees. London. Macmillan & Co