Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pig Sty Avenue: Wikis

On Thursday I finished some work I was doing a wee bit earlier than expected and went on an unstructured two prong search for Wikis and file hosting.  The latter gave us the Mary Lee .wma link.  I'm not sure about that from a copyright point of view, and I actually want to be able to link to streaming rather than downloading sound files.  So I need to do some more work on that, but I got my fingers burned: somewhere I picked up a trojan which lost me most of yesterday.  

As for the wikis. Butter Your Parsnip is to be the first stage in a long term scheme to produce unsafe teaching materials.  The rationale is that commercially produced materials studiously avoid the remotest possibilities of offending anyone and selling less copies.  PARSNIP is the publishers' mnemonic for a list of things they must avoid: Politics, Alcohol, Religion, Sex, Narcotics, -Isms, Pork.  You can also add Death, Illness and Gender, (DIG - I've just coined that, I think), whereby Gender includes sexual orientation. 

I have in mind themed teaching materials with a cast of various characters, in particular the adventures of Fatima and Mary, a lesbian couple of mixed religious backgrounds, who are hard drinking drug experimenters with anarchistic views and a taste for bacon sandwiches. 

Parsnip Language Testing is a site I set up last summer with the idea (unsuccessful) of collecting research data remotely. I don't know where I'm going with that at the moment.
And I don't know where I'm going yet with the Google Pig Sty Avenue, and I don't know why I got a Wetpaint Pig Sty Avenue, too.