Sunday, January 24, 2010

Carbonara Sauce

Herself loves carbonara sauce, but says that it's usually too rich when she gets it in restaurants. Google for recipes, and you get a lot of variety, (which is fine: it shows it's a real dish - you wouldn't get much consistency if you wanted a recipe for, say, "Irish stew").

Anyway, I more or less went with the one at the top of this page, except that I also chopped a wee bit of red pepper in, and used two cloves of garlic, used no salt and added some mixed herbs at the end. Most importantly, I used only half as much cream, and made it up with milk. It was delicious, the only criticism being that it was perhaps still a bit rich - so next time it'll be half a pint of milk, (a tablespoon of cream would be more than enough). I used supermarket sliced ham, but you could use tuna, salmon, bacon, chicken or go veggy. Ecco!