Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Man U: The Premier League's Ozymandias

First Leeds, and now City. Let's not get too carried away, they are still 2nd in the Premiership. But I have a feeling in my bones that 09/10 will go down in Man U's fans' memories as the point where it all started to go wrong. It's becoming clear that the Glazers "that orchestra of geeks", are asset stripping quite ruthlessly. It would be ironic if the money which made the club seem so invincible proves to be the thing that brings them down. They might weather the Glazer storm, but just now they are vulnerable to bad luck - an injured Rooney, say. For the first time, I actually feel some sympathy for their fans, who are seem to be paying for their seats with their arses.

There's a lesson here about the relationship between capitalism and football, but it's not a lesson that anyone in authority is likely to learn anything from.