Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Mad Things One Does to Avoid Actually Beginning Some Research

When you've set aside the whole day, it seems a bit daunting.

So amidst the mostly mindless surfing and noodling around, I spent a bit of time back in my old playground, DMU, in particular this thread. It quickly goes off-topic, of course, but the start of it got me thinking again about getting a Holga. A wee bit of research this morning tells me I want an FN, that is, 120, plastic lens, built-in flash but no silly colours. Less than £25 on eBay, with free postage from Hong Kong.

All of which got me thinking, when I was first starting on the MA, more than four years ago now, I told myself, when I'd finished it, and got a good full time job as a result, I'd treat myself to a la-di-da camera, which at that time I imagined as a semi-pro DSLR. How things have changed, because I'll settle for the Holga now. Not that the MA has produced the full time permanent job yet.

Here's a carrot for today, then: If I have 1500 words by the end of the day (that's 10% of the total, and will indicate a genuine start on the proceedings), I'll treat myself to that Holga FN.