Thursday, August 20, 2009


It's all just gotten on my nerves. I'm going to have a holiday from it. Life's too short. In-jokes and arseholes. Etc.

Mind you, I'm really looking forward to getting the Holga. I'm a hopeless romantic for cameras: maybe this will be The One? It's been a long journey so far, from Brownie Reflex when I was 8, via SLRs, a point and shoot, DSLR, one of the original SLRs, a FED2, a Leica, several Ilford Sportis, several folders, to a Holga. Which is not a million miles from the Reflex, except for the built in flash.

It's the vignetting and the spontaneity I'm after. I can get a flash on the Agfa, but by the time I open it, put on the flash, do the settings, cock the shutter... It's a great camera, and I'll use it for set-up or formal situations, but it's not down and dirty. Whereas, a Holga, just carry it around, the flash is built in, away you go if you meet someone or something happens or wtf.

And there's the possible effects of the weirdness. In one's wee Flickrverse, Holgas are part of the everyday discourse, but I've never seen one irl outside of a Flickrmeet. The man in Jessops hadn't even heard of them. So what's your average punter in Glasgow, say, going to make of it? Think it's a toy? A joke? It might attract its own weirdness. It has possibilities. It might be The One. Even though it's a mail order bride en-route just now.