Sunday, May 03, 2009

Agfa Isolette II Solinar 1st Roll 12

We're getting there. The outstanding problems are: dust and contrast. I need to build a tiny drying cupboard: say 6x6", and about 4' long, (there's probably a lot of dust in the lobby press where the negs are dried).

And I need a red and a yellow filter, that should go a long way to sorting out the muddy look.

The X-synch flash setting seems to work well enough with the little National electronic flash , though I need to experiment a bit more with it. Which means I can give up scouring the world for flashbulbs. (I've got 22 - so I can have a bit of fun with a couple of rolls. You can get them relatively cheaply if they come with a flashgun on eBay - but now I've got three flashguns...)

There's an Isolette II with an Agnar lens going cheaply on eBay. I don't need another camera but there are filters with it, (and a tripod).