Thursday, December 06, 2007

Buy it, rip it, synch it, shelve it...

If you click on that wee picture of Closing Time's track listing, you get a nice big readable version.

I was ripping most of my CD collection onto the new laptop, and realised that the cases of most of them hadn't been opened since I'd ripped the discs onto my former laptop.

So, Closing Time arrived today (of which more, later), and of course I ripped it and synched it forthwith, but I also scanned in all four pages of the CD insert.

Because that's what we're missing if we've moved on from vinyl (and now I understand why some people prefer it). You had something attractive and interesting to look at with an LP cover. Also, you could make joints on it. A CD cover is too small, and of course you only get the little icon once it's ripped, and there's no trace at all once it gets to your MP3 player - on mine, any way.