Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Herself and I were looking at those five year old photos. I was really quite shocked at how slim I looked then, and said, "But I was too thin then, wasn't I?" The silence which greeted this remark was very eloquent.

Hmm. I must have put on three or even four stone (that's forty or fifty pounds!) since I stopped smoking. That can't be healthy. So I went out this morning and bought 20 Marlboros...

Only joking.

I'm going to lose weight. We don't have bathroom scales but we'll get some this week. I used to be 10st 7lb. I doubt I'll get back down to that, but losing a couple of stone will do me no harm at all.

To get me started: no butter, pastry or chocolate. No eating between meals. Roughly 1500 calories per day. Lots of fruit, vegetables and exercise.

Sit back and be amazed as Pig Sty is transformed before your eyes!