Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Feet, teeth, phonemes, plants and a fat belly

Molly Foot Loose, originally uploaded by Pig Sty Ave.

It's not totally original , I pinched some of the idea from here.

There'll be a lower tooth any day now.

Not much time for photography lately. Getting to grips with phonetics and phonology is taking up a fair bit of time.

And it's shoulders to the wheel at the allotment: despite all the preparation over the winter, the spring seems to have arrived in a rush. I planted 175 redskinned onions the other day, and there are literally thousands of seedlings now getting uppity and wanting pricked out.

Dieting has left me feeling a bit weak. I was disgusted to find, on buying bathrooms scales that I'm 15st! I'm aiming to get to 12 over the next few months.