Friday, April 07, 2006

Allotment Update II

I planted out the rest of the herbs from my old allotment, in a small bed across the path from the pond. I'd planted a dozen or so one and two year old fennel plants a few days ago. Today they were joined by a dozen or so sage, in their second (or third?) year, lavender (ditto). There's also an inexplicably different looking lavender, presumably a cultivar of some sort, but God only knows where it came from.

There are three thyme, and a very runty, sad wee rosemary. (I've got seeds to sow this year for these last two). There are three feverfew - but they look decidedly unhappy, not to say dead: we'll see if they are resurrected now that they're in good soil.

Last of all, like old friends, six rumex scutatus, ("buckler leaved" sorrel, but aka french sorrel). When I got my old allotment three years ago these were the first plants I grew succesfully from seed, so I'm rather fond of them; they're quite big clumps now.

I also potted off eleven rooted elder cuttings. Not quite sure what to do with these yet. They join a growing copse of trees in pots: two silver birch, two sea buckthorn, and no less that twenty one figs. There are two mysterious trees, I've forgotten what they are - I'll ID them from their leaves later - wild cherry, perhaps. These will all together probably form a remarkable hedge someday, somehow, somewhere.