Monday, January 10, 2005


There are a few wee chickens scratching around the garden at the
Centre. Coincidentally, I think that they might be the same breed,
white-dots, that the Old Man and Danny got for their allotment just
before I left England. The cock seems to know it’s time for the
lessons to start, and crows like a good ‘un. It’s a remarkably cheery sound, of a morning.

On the subject of cheery, the sunshine has lifted my mood immensely
already. The horribly short days of Britain at this time of year,
alleviated only by twilight around midday, it seemed, can have an awful effect on many people’s mood. Here, the first dawn (and call to prayer) is at 6.40ish just now, and the sun’s up before eight. By nine it’s warm in the sunshine, and when I took my break at 10.30 this morning and took some air and soaked up some rays, well, I could almost feel my serotonin levels jumping.