Monday, January 17, 2005

Bloody Awful Weather in Tripoli

I’m planning to explore Tripoli. I’ve photocopied a street map, and intend to be methodical. Unfortunately, the weather’s just so bloody uninviting now: cold, wet and windy. Like early March in Britain, say. My students tell me this should last no longer than the end of January. Inshallah.

Chilliness notwithstanding, last night I walked down Omar Mukhtar to Green Square, and then along 1st September St until I cut across to Al Jazier and the post office, where I sent a proper letter to my technophobic daughter. I had intended a shisha at the big café on that square, facing the former cathedral. But it was too inclement to linger. The architecture in that quarter is definitely Italian. I’ve never been to Naples, but I’m told the buildings are just like that.

Plans for Tunisia proceed. Talal, a student, tells me that the ‘shared taxis’ (minibuses) for the border leave from the back of al Rashid street. It should cost 20 dinars (about £8). I’ve bought a wee notebook so that I can leave the laptop behind and make notes for blogging when I come back, though I might post from Jerba if there’s an Internet café.

Looking forward to this: a wee adventure should clear the custard – I’ve been feeling very sluggish.