Wednesday, February 15, 2017

5th Bed: New Compost & Woodpile Area

That's the corner of 5th Bed, just by the gate. The pallets I got from the old railway cutting, where rubbish is dumped; (though why anyone in Glasgow dumps rubbish is a mystery: just leave it outside the house, and the council pick it up).

The blue one is bloody heavy, I had to go back with the barrow to get it. To the back there's a living privet shrub on the right, the others you can see are all dead. I'm hoping a compost heap next to decomposing wood will be good for invertebrates.

To the right will go the woodpile.

I thought at first it would be ok to leave this area unriddled, but after having a look have decided to move the pallets temporarily and riddle the ground here because, like everywhere else, there's plenty of broken glass, and I don't want that through the compost.

So I'll start the process of riddling the beds here, and work my way through the 5th bed. I said I couldn't give any time estimates for the riddling, but mid-March would be good to finish this bed, then I could get it sown with vetch, and leave it to its own devices for a few months. I could also cordon it off and leave it, by then glass free, for the dogs to play in.