Tuesday, February 21, 2017

22 Barrow-fulls of Oomska

This is Bed No.1, this winter a workspace; (I fret somewhat about how trodden it is, but hope that digging and riddling will restore it). Right foreground, the finely riddled earth. Left of that is the 22 barrows full of horse manure, about 2 tons. That arrived on Saturday, 2 trailers full between 13 of us. It was offloaded at the far end of the allotments, so quite a bit of walking, heavy laden, about 3 hours non-stop.

Behind the oomska, the woodpile. This has been there for some time now, providing a wild-life refuge over 2 winters. The plan is, this spring, to chop it into stove-sized lengths, and then pile it up beside the compost heap. It will be well and truly seasoned and ready to burn by the time I get the shed and the stove, sometime this year.