Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pondering Again

Vicious weather kept me away from the allotment today: first Sunday I've missed since I don't know when. Did a bit of googling, though, and calculated that I need to move 20-30 tons of earth from the Pond area. Which is fine, I'm up for the exercise. But with the winter weather and the short days, it's going to take months, it might be done by April, I don't know...

But here's the thing: it's Glasgow, it's just going to keep on raining, and a big chunk of my allotment is going to be waterlogged throughout the winter and well into spring, and that will do the soil no good whatsoever. And I need to be putting the spoil onto the beds, and they're so waterlogged, the barrow sinks into the mire.

So interim measures are wanted. I'm thinking of levelling just part of the Old Greenhouse foundations, about 4 square yards, and digging down a foot or so into the clay, and puddling it. I've already cleared an area a couple of square yards. And then lift the paving slabs, and put them on the West bed to give me a temporary path, and then dig out a drainage channel.

I could do this all in... Well, maybe before Christmas, with a following wind. And the rest of the pond and the levelling I can return to working on in the New Year.