Thursday, November 19, 2015

EdD Formative Submission 2 - literature review 1

SEARCH 6: *ESOL "Asylum Seekers" Refugees Scotland* [Google Scholar, Since 2014, 66 results]

NB Hynes 2011 is available from library as downloadable book for 1 day, so I'll look at that tomorrow when I've got all day, (paste full citation into "Library Collections" to access). 

For Submission 2, I need (inter alia) to reference and write short abstract for FIVE titles as relevant to my research. Best for purposes of submission that these are variety of different titles. Thinking of using (and therefore reading later today & tomorrow):

  1. Hynes 2011. (Book)
  2. Mulvey 2015. (Journal Article)
  3. Pietka-Nykaza 2015. (Journal Article)
  4. SQA 2015. (Website)
  5. Strang 2015. (Report)


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