Wednesday, November 18, 2015

EdD Research Question: "ESOL Assessment and the emergent bilingualism of new Scots"

SEARCH 1:*"English Language" "Asylum Seekers" Refugees Scotland* [Google Scholar, All, 2,260 results]

SEARCH 2: *ESL "Asylum Seekers" Refugees Scotland*  [Google Scholar, All, 260 results]

SEARCH 3: *ESL ESOL "Asylum Seekers" Refugees Scotland* [Google Scholar, All, 64 results]

SEARCH 4: *ESOL "Asylum Seekers" Refugees Scotland* [Google Scholar, All, 595 results]

SEARCH 5: *ESOL "Asylum Seekers" Refugees Scotland* [Google Scholar, Since 2011, 215 results]

SEARCH 6: *ESOL "Asylum Seekers" Refugees Scotland* [Google Scholar, Since 2014, 66 results]

Provisional title for now. Sleeping on it. And working with Search 6 tomorrow morning. Start with Strang et al (2015) as the closest I've got to what I want to do. Essentially, I'm looking into "integration pathways", but viewing how we measure emerging bilingualism, if we do at all. The nub of it is, emerging bilingual adults should have their L2 abilities measured, not merely to assess them, (that's helpful in terms of individual motivation, and perhaps entry to some professions) but principally to see what we're doing right or wrong in terms of provision of ESOL instruction. 

NB: Have had to turn on a bloody sixpence to get to this today, but much happier to be so much closer to home with research as against Common Core, far away, in the company of many a wing-nut. New title is looking very good, incorporating whole concept of emergent bilingualism (SLA); course provision and the actual assessment, (Critical Pedagogy); and there's even some CDA, with regard to policy documents and media reporting. 


Strang, A., Baillot, H., & Mignard, E. (2015). Insights into integration pathways: new Scots and the Holisitic Integration Service.