Friday, November 23, 2012


Untitled-25, originally uploaded by Pig Sty Avenue.
I wish I could remember what film this was - some cheap stuff, probably. I like the way the sitting room's green walls have given it a kind of underwater look. I DON'T like the way I've gotten an echo of the lamp there. Next time I'll surely remember to take the filter off when I'm taking a photo with a bright light source in it. I should have learned from the Elvis at Kelvingrove fiasco.  Also, I think I lost the bottom of it in the scanning by bloody Tesco.

In other news, this is likely one of the last Saltcoats pics I'll be taking for the foreseeable future, the move to Glasgow is now only two weeks hence. [Should those weeks have had a possessive apostrophe there?]. Though I do have a roll of EFKE 127 that was in the Kodak Brownie Reflex which I might dev this evening. And, anyway, I'm expecting a pre-AI 28mm Nikkor in the post perhaps tomorrow (for photos of people in rooms, so you can see the rooms), and I might not be able to resist putting a roll of something through the F with that on the front of it...

I've joined a couple of Glasgow groups on Flickr. Cities are so much better than small towns for a photographer, it's going to be fantastic. And talking of Flickr, I've got plans there, too... But I'm havering, now.