Monday, November 05, 2012

The Fourth Allotment

This blog is of course named after Jarrow's allotments, and I've been itching to get back to earth, work and location permitting.  The last allotment I had, the third one, in West Kilbride, was fun whilst it lasted.  In fact, I remember thinking, if nothing else, I've taught myself to dig an irrigation ditch.

But it was always a bit too far away, and it needed a lot of work which I couldn't give it, working away from home so much at that time.  I hope someone with a good back took it over and got all the stones out, and I like to think that whatever else happened, it's properly drained now.

But with the (imminent) move to Glasgow, there are four sites within a couple of miles cycling, and I'm getting my name onto waiting lists.  I'm told that cycling and hard gardening is the best exercise at my age, and I certainly need it stuck at this feckin laptop and thinking all day.

I spoke to the Old Man on the phone and he's been faithfully keeping my tools safe for me: an African hoe I brought back from Libya, (never see them used in Europe), and a very posh spade, passed to my Aunty Mabel by a neighbour who worked for South Tyneside council, and which we reckon had the shiny looks of the spade kept by to turn the first sod at the site of a new school by the Mayor, or some other twat, whilst someone from the Shields Gazette took a photo.  How the neighbour came by it is a case of least-said-soonest-mended.

I've also got a coffee jar half full of papaver somniferum seeds from the Second Allotment, the one I shared with the Old Man.  They've been in the jar for years, and smelt a bit ripe when I checked them the other day, but poppy seeds are notoriously robust, so we'll wait and see.  Pig Sty Avenue comes to Glasgow.