Sunday, November 04, 2012


Untitled-10, originally uploaded by Pig Sty Avenue.
This is from a roll of expired (2009) Fujicolor Pro 800z I got from Tim Connolly. Never used it before, but I'll use it again. Funny how lovely professional grade film looks after you've been using the quid-a-roll stuff from Poundland.

I really like this one because that's the photo I took. I mean, I framed it with the kids at the edge of the frame, and the adult's hand, with the balloons and the table taking your eye in first, so you have to work out what's going on.  You can do this shit with an F's viewfinder.

In other photographic news: I had a go with a Kodak Pony I'd bought on eBay, all the way from New Jersey, yesterday. I bought it because it would fit a Kodak flashgun I'd got, also from the States, Illinois or one of those places. One bulb went off when I was putting the batteries in. Another when I tried to take the lead off the camera. Another bulb went off in my hand when I was loading it. Nothing fired when I was actually taking a fecking photo.

Almost undaunted, and having used up the roll in the Pony, I decided to finish off the roll that had been sitting in the Brownie Reflex for weeks, using the Kodak flashgun that goes with that camera, (looks the same as the American one, but it's "Made in England" and has a different fitting). Again, bulbs wouldn't flash when wanted, but one did go off when I was repeatedly clicking the shutter after I'd finished the roll, and the camera was empty.

So that was four precious bulbs and no corresponding photos... I felt the aesthetic and practical attractions of flashbulbs fading as the morning went by.

I've been looking at Tim Hunter's The Way Home. A lot of his photos look as if they've been done with a long-ish exposure, but have some vignetting so not a high quality camera... It got me thinking about trying the B setting on the Holga in low light, with my new friend, Fujicolor Pro, though I think it would need to be 400 for 120.