Thursday, March 22, 2012

That 1950s back garden look

I keep thinking about this photo:


You'd have difficulty reproducing those splendid wee coats nowadays, of course, but the quality of the photo should be do-able. I'm looking again at a Brownie Reflex on eBay. And of course I've got the Ilford Sporti 4, which should do a similar job. I've ordered a few rolls of EFKE R100 127. I got them for a fiver a pop from photo supplies uk, but I've since rediscovered this rather bewildering place where, if I've read it correctly, you can get a roll for 3 Euros if you order in sufficient quantity. They, helpfully, if you look hard enough, also give you an R100 dev chart. Which is jolly decent of them.

Ignoring the sprocket holes, the photo below is getting near the sort of quality I'm looking for. That was Ilford Delta, and I suspect developed in ID11. The same camera, (or maybe a Brownie Reflex), with Efke R100, perhaps developed in Beutler A+B, would be getting near. The composition could be something like the one of her husband's relations Elinor04 uploaded, above. Odd framing, the subjects about 8 ft away, maybe some closer foreground bokeh, good contrasts, shot in broad daylight. The whole thing will need at least one test roll, alongside a metered camera like the F with 100iso film in it.

Sporti 4 35mm test roll 1