Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kodak Verichrome Exposed

Kodak Verichrome Exposed, originally uploaded by Pig Sty Avenue.

The F's still away getting its CLA, and I've come over all rudimentary again, and got a Baby Brownie off eBay for a couple of quid. Blimey, what a gorgeous wee thing of beauty it is. I'm waiting for some 127 film to arrive. Meanwhile, it had this roll of Verichrome in it. The developing will be a work of art in itself: research what they used back in the day for orthochromatic films, but probably something like diafine or beutler, and fixing in straight sodium thiosulphate (aka "hypo"); and then factoring in that it's been left in a small cheap plastic camera in someone's cupboard-under-the stairs for at least 50-odd years...

So, plenty of time - at least 20 mins, and quite cool chemicals, so that the emulsion doesn't come off, less than 20C, anyhoo. Getting it off the spool and onto the reel, omg. And I've got to do all of the above with all my fingers crossed. What larks, eh?