Saturday, February 25, 2012

I've got a couple of screws missing

I noticed that the meter on the F was a bit wobbly...  There's a couple of screws missing.  It'll be easy enough to sort when I know what size they are, so I'm trying to find out here.  I like the F, but I'm thinking of trading it in and getting an F5. You can get them for less than 300 quid, which is ridiculously cheap for the camera that was THE pro model until digital came on the scene.  I was using the FED2 during a trip to Russia, and realised how much I like it - perfect for Sunny-16ing it, and a rangefinder's easier to focus, especially in decent light.  And the meter on the F is a bit eccentric...  The thing is, I need one Really Good Camera - something that's always going to get the shot - and it's shaping up to be an F5.