Saturday, February 18, 2012


Breakfast, originally uploaded by Pig Sty Avenue.

Several things occur after getting this roll back from Max Spielman's today.

1. Save money and develop and scan at home - they've miss-framed several of these, and I'll have to scan the myself. Anyways, the scans are poor quality, 5 to 700kb, which is no good when it's quite grainy film.

2. Get an eye-test. I know I need new glasses, but this proves it. The exposures I remember doing on f1.4 are all out of focus. I'll get the eye-test and have a word with the optician, see if I want a + or - diopter, and what number. Then I won't even need to use glasses.

3. Make notes. I thought I'd took some of these with the 28mm Vivatar, but maybe not, and I can't decide now... Also, it's clear from the exposures that I was bracketing to check out the light meter, but of course, without notes...

4. I'm working too hard. Shot one roll in the last 3 weeks, ffs. No bloody time.