Friday, February 17, 2012

First, choose your construct...

Another photographic epiphany.  Kind of.  Wandering around with a certain camera and certain kind of film, hoping to find something interesting to photograph is unlikely to yield anything much, unless you're lucky.  The starting point is, what you decide to photograph, and the probable light conditions.  Then think about the film you're going to use, and the camera.  Obvious, when you think about it, when you step outside the chimper's mind-set. 

So, for example, I'm off to Russia soon for work, but I'm going to be able to get a morning off, and if possible I want to go to the Park of Sculptures.  It'll be in daylight, there'll still be snow on the ground.  So I've got 100iso film.  But here's where it gets intertextual.  The camera I'm taking is the FED2.  There's a statue there of Felix Dzerzhinsky, no less, after whom the camera is said to be named.  Furthermore, the film is from the Old Film Project, that is EFKE manufactured in the mid 70s in the then Communist Yugoslavia, (admittedly not friends with the Soviet Union, but you can't have everything).  If this combination is not inspiring, I'll go back to chimping.