Monday, December 19, 2011

Nikon F Photomic FTn & a 50mm f1.4

My Flickrpal Cliff tipped me off to a bargain on Ffordes today, and I was soon hitting the "confirm" button.  It has the f1.4 lens with it, and that was the clincher. Camera and lens should be here tomorrow.  There were a few other Fs on Ffordes, more expensive, with the warning that "meter not working", whereas mine said "meter irratic [sic]".  I'm keeping my fingers crossed it can be fixed, because the meter sounds like an absolute peach, (click through on that link for instructions on setting it up).  The batteries are the obsolete 625s, but adaptors can be had here, so you can use 675 hearing aid batteries.

The camera in the photo isn't the one I bought.  It belonged to Don McCullin, and is on display in the IWM in Manchester because it saved the photographer's life when it took a bullet from an AK47 in Cambodia in 1970.    You can see the damage, but it still looks just about usable with bit of repair work.  That's the kind of camera I'm getting.