Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The hockey puck has hit the back of the net

I've had a couple of hours to look at all the settings and play around with them.  What a beaut.  Not as heavy as I'd thought, but nontheless the most substantial camera I've ever held. Against all expectation, the meter seems to work - though I won't know for sure until I've had a film through it, of course.  But the wee needle moves in neat wee steps as one opens or closes the aperture, or shifts the shutter speed.  And the photomic finder isn't as ungainly as it appears in photos.  I've had a look at the batteries, they're Kodak, alkaline, 625.  I've a feeling I'll get them when I'm back in Shanghai.  Sorted. If only I could get out and buy a bloody film.  The only 35mm I've got are the three rolls left over from the Old Film Project, and I want something more stable to check the light meter.  Patience!