Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm thinking of settling down with a proper camera... the hockey puck.  Since I went back to analog, it's been rangefinders, MF folders, 1960s plastic, and Holgas.  Now feels like the time to get an SLR again.  My first one, was a Nikon EM, and for reasons too complicated and lost-in-the past, I had hold of it and took a few snaps for the first time in twenty odd years lately.  It really is, I can see now, "beginners level".  The F would, on the other hand, be a real pro camera, but a stylish one with its place in history.  Dependable in all situations, which I can't say for any of the other cameras I've been using lately.  But mix them all together and maybe you'd get the Nikon F. I've also missed the ability to use a PL filter.

It's one of those things, I'm asking myself, why didn't I think of this before?  A quick scout around eBay suggests a price of £150 - perhaps including a lens, if I'm patient.  And all the lenses and other bits of kit, won't break the bank one at a time...  A Leica M might have the edge photographically speaking, but those prices, eyebrows would get raised, domestically speaking.   Apart from the financial aspect, there must have been good practical reasons for press photographers preferring it to Leica during the 60s.  AND, in The Rum Diaries, camera and Nikon are synonymous. 

The Nikon_F group on Flickr isn't particularly populous or noisy, which is odd, as 7 to 800,000 were made, and you'd have thought more floating around still, as they're said to be so tough.  Any number of reasons for that one.