Sunday, July 17, 2011

Who's Going to Spill the Beans?

 Given their profession, I suppose most of the alleged malefactors in the Murdoch implosion will write memoirs exculpating themselves and blaming others, a process that begins when a person is being interviewed under caution.  Brooks has been arrested today - by appointment, but arrested all the same, under suspicion of intercepting communications, and on suspicion of breaching s1 PCA 1906, which last is heavy, if it's true.

You must wonder if anyone of those in trouble is going to make a clean breast of it, and dob everyone else in for good luck, in behopes of their remorse giving them a bit of credit when it comes to sentencing.  After all, these aren't people whose loyalty is likely to linger on once the legal shit hits their own liberty's fan. 

The Daily Mirror 9/11 victim story does look extremely flimsy.  On the face of it, guy A in bar tells guy B that he's an ex copper PI, and some limey reporters rang him back in the day wanting to get 9/11 victims' numbers, and he told them to take a flying fuck.... and yeah, I'll have another, and the next morning guy B rings an old mate at the Mirror.  I'm not saying that's how it went, but it might be as slim as that.  On the other hand, it might be true, and guy A might decide it's in his interest to to co-operate with the sharp looking people from the FBI who want to talk to him.  In which case, the game's up.

Frankly, though, the best we can hope for is that marginally more scrupulous capitalists pick up the News Corps pieces.  And maybe that Milliband has grown a pair, meanwhile.  Best of all, if Sky is owned by someone else, I can give up my boycott and watch more football of a weekend.