Saturday, July 09, 2011

Kuala Lumpur

The symposium ended at lunchtime on Friday, yesterday, and we were advised to head for the airport straightaway, even though our flight wasn't until 1am.  That seemed a bit overcautious, but we did go at 9pm.  And got straight there, the driver going very fast indeed.  The airport was like any other airport, late at night.  I'd been out for a dish of humus and a shisha pipe at the Egypt Cafe on Bintang Walk in the afternoon, walked there, and got the metro back to the hotel, and there was no atmosphere, just tourists.  But I didn't go anywhere else.  The night before, in the same street, there was some shouting, and some police showed up, but I couldn't see what was happening, and it died down. That area seemed to have a lot of Arab and some western tourists.  Friendly place, well, the Malaysians at the symposium, waiters and taxi drivers were all friendly.