Sunday, July 03, 2011

Getting There

This is I took when I came out of the camera mart place with the new telephone-cord flash lead.  I have no idea what was going on.  Five lassies who looked like they'd been at some dream of a dressing up box, and a load of chimpers snapping them.  I don't know where the gadgie on the left came from, but I don't think he was as threatening as he looks.  The eyelines are a gift.  I'm not sure about the top third of it.

This was early afternoon on a cloudy day.  There were other flashes going off, so it might not be a true indication of how this flash works.  

But I'm happy if it's like this.  The furthest figure is about 10ft from where I was standing.  The nearest is about 4ft, and the light's a bit strong there.  Or is it? And this was 100iso, mind...  Difficult to draw any conclusions the noo but it's looking promising.

This goes to show the received wisdom that xpro colour shifts are less pronounced with over exposure and with flash.  I don't know what was done when this was dev'd and scanned - as little as possible, probably.  Which is interesting.

The next roll in is Provia.  And it went through the x-ray machine at Jing'an Temple subway station this morning, as did another roll of Velvia which was already exposed.   I mention it now as a note-to-self - see if they come out foggy or not.  Never had foggy film going through airports.