Saturday, June 04, 2011

W.Germany 1 - 0 USSR

5th Roll 8

One big advantage of the FED2 is that it's 35mm, which means I can get it dev'd in Dock Head St, or ASDA, or wtf, when I'm home. But mostly, we're in Shanghai, and I've not noticed anywhere doing cheap hassle free 35mm dev'ing. And I've been looking at the old photos on Flickr: the ones I like best are the Agfa Isolette II: sharp enough, and the flash works. The thing is with the Agfa, it ain't no point-and-shoot: there's the door to open, the film to wind on, the shutter to cock, the flash to put in the shoe and plug in, the distance to estimate... The FED2, on the other hand, can be used much more quickly and casually. But I'm developing a notion to get into a situation with a good background, and see what Shanghai throws into the foreground: in other words, to wait for the subjects to come to me. In which case, it's more appropriate to take one's time. The Visible Photographer and all that. Also, I don't think I'll take the scanner with me, I'll go to the Lomography shop: a Shanghai apartment is a dusty place to do processing.