Sunday, June 05, 2011

Agfa Isolette II

The camera would appear to be unusual, in being an Isolette II with a Solinar lens and a Prontor-SV shutter, (with a 1/300 top speed) .  I gather from the references online that the lens is high-end, but not the shutter.  Considering its age, it's in remarkable  condition.

I've already had 7 rolls of black and white film through it, (EFKE and HP5) and the quality's consistent.  My mate Cliff sent me a roll of Fujichrome Velvia a while back, and I've loaded that.  I've got another three rolls of the same in the fridge in Shanghai.  I've used Velvia before, and was disappointed with the dominant red hues, but I'm going to try overexposing and/or using flash.

This will be THE camera, until further notice.